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HTS Corrector software is designed to examine and visualize HTS data and correct experimental HTS assays.

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Universite du Quebec a Montreal


Vladimir Makarenkov
Pablo Zentilli
Dmytro Kevorkov
Andrei Gagarin
Martin Lacroix
Remi Lavoie



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High-throughput screening (HTS) is an early-stage process in drug discovery which allows thousands of chemical compounds to be tested in a single study. The aim of our work was to develop and implement methods for minimizing the impact of systematic error in the analysis of HTS data. HTS-Corrector is a software application for the analysis of HTS data, detection and visualization of systematic error, corresponding correction of HTS signals, and hit selection. New methods for the statistical analysis and correction of raw HTS data are included in HTS-Corrector: background evaluation, well correction and hit selection using clustering procedures.