Here are my stories.

  1. ALBUS DUMBLEDORE AND THE FATEFUL CHOICES (a choose your own adventure)
  2. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN - OR NOT (a choose your own adventure)
  3. THE MISSING LINK (story removed to respect copyright)
  4. THE LOVE THAT CHANGED THE WORLD (if only I had been in Luna Lovegood's year at Hogwarts...)
  5. DISNEY WEEKS (essays submitted to both Disney Lit Weeks in HiH)
  6. THE PARADOXICAL TWINS (demonstrate special relativity)
  7. THE TRUE MYTH OF ATALANTA (in which the super-athlete has a genius daughter)
  8. A NON-STANDARD FAIRY TALE (the musician, the maiden and the witch)
  9. IN THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING (a computer game becomes reality)
  10. TIDALLY LOCKED (interplanetary relations)
  11. CARMEN'S LAST ACT (a revised, non-violent version)
  12. NEWSREEL REWINDING (modern history as it might have been)
  13. OH, THOSE STUPID MARTIANS! (A visionary Martian leader promotes non-violence.)
  14. THE PROTECTOR (a tale of love, revenge and gross injustice)
  15. HE WHO WOULD SAVE (Rabbits of all colours, unite!)
  16. THE HAZARDS OF COMPUTER DATING (1967) (or, how I brought WATFOR to the University of Toronto)
  17. 2036 (a dystopia set 20 years after the U.S. presidential election)
  18. EXTINCTION (An extinct species of peaceful humans is discovered)
  19. THE RISE AND FALL OF MAGIC IN RUSSIA. (an essay written for the History of Magic course in Hogwarts)
  20. Solution to the computer game "Myst" (increasingly revealing answers to each question)
  21. Solution to the computer game "The Longest Journey" (in the form of a story)
  22. Solution to the computer game "Obsidian" (in the form of a story)
  23. Solution to the computer game "Hidden Agenda" (how to succeed or fail as a leftist, centrist or rightist)
  24. Solution to the computer game "Adv770" (how to succeed or fail in the latest extension of Colossal Cave)

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